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About us


Board of Directors
  • Suzan Hall – Chair
  • Randy Bauslaugh
  • Darrell Brown CNEA CEO ex officio
  • Councillor Stephen Holyday
  • Darryl Kaplan
  • John Kiru
  • Greg Pollock
  • Helen Wojcinski
  • Joanne Benerowski, Executive Director

About the CNE Foundation

The Canadian National Exhibition Foundation is a public foundation and registered charity. The philanthropic arm of the Canadian National Exhibition Association, we fund programs year-round to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals and the community in support of our vision: “Empowering community. Improving lives.”


Building on the rich legacy and tradition of the Canadian National Exhibition, we inspire community building by investing in innovative initiatives.


Empowering community. Improving lives.


Progress, inclusivity, respect, transparency, integrity, partnership, impact


Each year, the CNE Foundation strives to raise essential funds that are vital for sustaining and growing our charitable programs. With the invaluable support of our dedicated CNE community, generous funders and compassionate donors, CNE Foundation initiatives make a meaningful impact throughout the year and collectively help uplift the community we serve. Join us in our ongoing journey of making a meaningful difference together.

  • Youth Sports: Fostering strong youth development through inclusive sports programs and creating lasting positive memories
  • Community Building: Uplifting and empowering our community through impactful initiatives
  • CNE Heritage Preservation: Celebrating and preserving our shared history for future generations

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Charitable Business Number: 118834639 RR 0001