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Our Donors

We are grateful for your support

The Canadian National Exhibition Foundation Board of Directors and staff wish to extend our gratitude to our generous donors. Since the relaunch of the CNE Foundation in 2018, we’ve been fortunate to receive support for our charitable programs from the CNE community. We hope to build on this progress as we emerge from the pandemic and continue with the relaunch of the Foundation.

Leadership Donor $25,000+

Library and Archives Canada, Documentary Heritage Communities Program
RBC Foundation Future Launch Program, Helping to Prepare Youth for the Future of Work

Major Donor $10,000 to $24,999

Total Sport Solutions Inc.
Employment and Social Development Canada, Canada Summer Jobs Program
Department of Canadian Heritage delivered through the Canadian Council of Archives, Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations Program
Michael and Libby Goldgrub Foundation

Patron $5,000 to $9,999

The UPS Foundation

Partner $2,500 to $4,999


Friend $1,000 to $2,499

Randy Bauslaugh
Tennis Partners
Anonymous x 1

Advocate $500 to $999

Perry Chao

Sustainer $250 to $499

Susan P. Antler
Joanne Benerowski
Sarah Fink
Suzan Hall
Esther Lee
Karen Ann Lynch in memory of Carl and Anna Lynch
James Melvin
Jacquie Perrin
Lorne Shields
Jennifer Ward
Helen Wojcinski
Debbie Woodman

Supporter $100 to $249

John Annan
Joan Beaton
Margaret Cowan-Slamen
Michael De Monte
Cindy Goulart-Amarelo
Richard Gretsinger
Michael Hargot
Knox M. Henry
Neil Hollands
Celeste Kirk
Victor Mayes
Zis Parras
Freda Schutten
Riley Stewart
Laurie Vallery
Janice Warren in memory of Terry Warren
April Willette
Robert Arthur Winson
Sandy Zita in memory of Philip Zita and Thomas Zita
Anonymous x 8

Contributor Up to $99

Diane Adele in memory of Joanie Kirkpatrick
Quineshia B. Andrews
Brian Ashton
Alexander Badov
Melanie Beale
Natalie Cajic
Sophie Cheney
Lindsay Cormack
Katherine Crockett
Esther Draper
Katrina Evans
Janet Hall
Marlene Harris
Shannon Hemingway
Cathy Iaboni
Bradley Kent
Teresa Labelle
Nancy Lambert
Domenic Lunardo
Lee Anne Lynn
Joseph Mari
Stephanie Matas
Jane Matthews
Maureen McAuley
Laurie McCarroll
Diane McCrimmon
Corinne McCullough
Jeff McFarlane
Katherine McGreechan
Lorianne McIndoe
Sonia Merdjanian
Sharon Milford
Eden Mohler
John F. Nagel for the anniversary of John and Sarah Nagel
Carole Nante
Giulia O’Neill
Kevin Proulx
Lee Shimano
Lionel Shipley
Andre Siegel
Lissa Sinclair
Kenneth Sisler
Vanda Slaney
Shanda Suggitt
John J. Torrance in memory of T. Edgar Swabey
Shanaya Vanhooren
Peeranut Visetsuth
Liz Warman
Steve White
Judith Wilder
Peter Wolchak
Anonymous x 8

We are pleased to recognize our donors for your generous support. If any corrections or adjustments are needed to the information presented above, please be in touch with us at: [email protected]

Thank you for supporting the CNE Foundation’s charitable programs.